I have been selected as a Pearl Izumi sponsored athlete for 2015! #PearlIzumi

I am so thrilled that I have been selected to represent Pearl Izumi as a sponsored athlete in 2015!!!  Below I share part of what I said on my application because it is a great summary of how dramatically my life has changed for the better and how I cannot imagine living any other way! 🙂 Thank you so very much Pearl Izumi!
Tell us why you want to be a Pearl Izumi Brand Champion::
I already feel like a Champion for all I have accomplished and want to keep going and growing as a Champion and can’t think of better way than to represent one of the very best brands available! It sure would be an honor and privilege and I can’t wait to get to wear and use all the products!
Tell us why you’d make an awesome Pearl Izumi Champion::
In January 2010, I weighed in excess of 200 lbs and was in pain from head to toe because of it. I had tried to lose weight before, but what little I would take off, it would eventually come back on. In Jan 2010, I took a different approach and lost over 70 lbs and have kept it off now years later. I did my 1st triathlon in Oct 2010 and I had only starting running about 1 month prior. When I 1st started I remember I could not run for more than a few seconds without stopping. But I kept at it no matter how many times I had to walk. I also, did not know how to swim. I only could swim by trying to do the sidestroke and it worked for me as it got me where I needed to go. I taught myself how to swim freestyle last year. I started teaching myself how to swim freestyle in January 2013 and it took months before I felt that I could swim freestyle in open water for any longer distance such as a mile. I joined a triathlon race team called Bikeway in 2011 and raced with them in 2012 as well. I have suffered throughout these past few years with unexpected major medical issues and injuries, yet it was always my dedication and passion for health and fitness that healed me quicker than doctors would expect and worked better at making me feel good than any medicine. Eating healthy and moving my body in some way every day is my choice of medicine. I am still teaching myself on an ongoing basis in regards to swimming, running, muscle balance and strength conditioning and proper and adequate nutrition and I LOVE to share my story because I have found what works and keeps working! I feel fit forever and have a blog called feelfitforever that I just started and hope to reach as many people as possible in my fitness and health journey because I feel like I have figured out the simplest and best way to go about it.
Tell us what being a Pearl Izumi Champion means to you::
It means having an amazing and absolutely grand opportunity to spread the word about the importance of health and fitness and how to do it better with the right equipment and apparel. This is the perfect next step in my fitness journey!