Super Food Kale Omelet

kale omeletSuper food Kale Omelet super charges your day and tastes great!  Kale is king of healthy and healing foods, in my opinion, because it is packed with so much! It is a very good source of vitamin B6, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B2, iron, magnesium, vitamin B1, omega-3 fatty acids phosphorus, protein,folate, and niacin.  It cooks relatively quickly, just break up leaves in small pieces and slice thinly any thick stems, add eggs and any other veggies, spices, cheese or whatever you like for a great breakfast treat. It will keep you satisfied for hours and power you through your day.  Eat kale on a regular basis to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever


My Gluten Free Chicken Parmesan Meatballs with Zoodles are a real crowd pleaser and sure to want 2nd’s and 3rd’s

as of sept 24 2014 288 20150526_051120I love to cook healthy whole foods and this is one of my favorite recipes!  I hope it will be one of yours.  Everytime I make it, it makes me feel so good when everyone LOVES it and always wants more!  I love to create new recipes based on old favorites I used to enjoy when I was much heavier, before I lost almost 100 lbs.  What I have found is that not only are these new recipes I created much healthier, but they are much easier to prepare, taking only a fraction of the time it would take to prepare a traditional chicken parm and pasta meal and as an added bonus, it is much more delicious!

All you need is a few new reasonably priced kitchen gadgets that will pay for themselves over and over again  A spiral vegetable slicer and a good blender such as Vitamix or Ninga.


Zoodles are zucchini noodles made with a vegetable slicer.  No more waiting for water to boil for pasta and these noodles have great flavor even without sauce, unlike their ancestor, pasta.

Within minutes, with just a little extra virgin olive oil and fresh ground pepper and some freshly minced garlic finely chopped, in a wok or other large saucepan, cook covered on medium, tossing with tongs every minute, cooks quickly to al dente in minutes.

Chicken parm Meatballs:

I like to ground up my own chicken in a Ninga (I use the Vitamix for everything else) the Ninga is easier to clean for this type of prep because the Ninga blades come out.  Blend almost equal parts chicken and mozzarella (40/60 or 35/55 using a little less cheese to chicken ratio) the cheese acts as a binding agent very nicely.  Flavor to your liking, I use generous amounts of oregano and fresh garlic and add some fra diavlo sauce to the meat mixture, broil top rack on cookie sheet balls of equal size, turning frequently so as not to burn, watch carefully, fully cooked within approx 20 minutes or less depending on size of ball.

Enjoy with your favorite sauce.

Eat my re-created recipes made with only whole foods instead of traditional favorites to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever

A Thunderous, Peaceful, yet Powerful Roar of the Water at Dover Stone Church

I made a recent visit to a place I have enjoyed for years but have not gone to in a while, Dover Stone Church.  I remember the first time we went there, years ago, there are two paths to choose from, once you cross over the small foot bridge, if you aren’t sure which way to go, you would know because of the very loud sound of the thundering water flow.  That beautiful, peaceful, yet powerful sound is now gone, sadly.   Yesterday when we went there for the first time in a while, I hoped as I walked and walked upwards towards the beginning of the flow, that the sound and the water level would grow.  It did not.  As I walked I noticed soil and water lines showed clear evidence where water had been long ago, yet not for a long time, because you could see new growth in some areas, exactly where you could also see previous water erosion.  Please make sure you do not water your lawns, do not wash your cars, do not wash clothes for every use unless soiled, do not let the water run while brushing teeth, or anything else you can think of to conserve water. We need water for much more important things such as to live.  We can have cars that are not super clean all the time and lawns that are not lushly green all the time, for the sake of our lives need for water.  Water is our most valuable and most limited commodity, yet it is also the most undervalued and most taken for granted.  Please dont let this drought become much worse before you realize how very important water conservation is, because it may be too late at that point.  There is only so much water available and when its gone, its gone.  When it rains, it does not replenish our water supply in the way or the amount that you may think.  Part of my feel fit forever philosophy is to enjoy our beautiful environment every chance I get.  Part of enjoying our beautiful environment is the inherent responsibility of taking care of it, the best we each are able to.  Let’s all do our part, in our own small but very meaningful way, to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever

as of May 24 2015 2547

You can not Trust the Scale, what can you trust?

You can’t trust the scale, but you can trust your gut.  The scale can be deceiving because it can show dehydration, muscle loss, and whether or not you had a bowel movement.  But your gut is a very dependable source of valuable information.  The scale is still a good source of information, but it needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  I weight myself every day and use that information, plus some other factors, to help determine what the scale number means to me, personally.  The scale is only a starting point and not a be-all-to-end-all.  I use the scale as an aide to help me, not to be the only deciding factor of my current level of health and fitness.

Your gut can always be trusted.  Learning how to listen to your body is the key to feeling fit forever.  But it’s not always easy to listen to our gut, if it was easy, everyone would do it.  Society and our environments can program us to not listen to our guts, and to push away our feelings.  We live in a very fast paced world that many times demands quick results,  but permanent, healthy results take time.  We many times strive to do more than we should, to get quick results, but we need to make smart, permanent choices and to be patient.  If we stop and listen to our bodies throughout the day, instead of saying ‘no’ to our gut, we would be able to do so much more in the long run.  Listen to your body every day to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever

you can steer yourself in any direction you choose dr suess

Here is an excellent resource with great tips and instructions on how to listen to your gut to feel fit forever.

No matter the Question, the Answer is always Your Feet

Your feet play a much larger role in your overall body health than you may think.  If you are having a pain in another part of your body, such as your leg or back, it can be, and many times is, because of a foot or ankle issue.  Foot ailments can cause pain in other parts of the body and therefore many times go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.  But now that society is moving towards a more proactive, preventitive and holistic whole body medical approach, we are learning more and more just how very important it is to always consider the health of our feet when examining and analyzing other parts of the body.

The foot and ankle contain: 26 bones (One-quarter of the bones in the human body are in the feet.); 33 joints; more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.

We must look at the health of the entire kinetic chain when assessing pain and the cause of it, how to best treat it, eliminate it and prevent it in the future.

I am a firm believer in preventitive care as oppossed to traditional care.  It’s always better to prevent pain and injuries before they occur if possible.  When pain and injuries do occur, a holistic approach is my choice over medicine.

I believe you can heal yourself with exercise, the right kind, done properly, and whole foods.  The often overlooked foot, up until more recently, is finally getting the credit it deserves, atleast by some more proactive health practitioners.

We’ve all heard of the saying “happy wife, happy life”, is a good saying, which is where I came up with my saying “happy feet, happy life”.

There are so many different possibilities of what could be amiss with your feet, even if your feet are not causing you pain, they can be causing pain in another part of your body.  The way your foot is shaped, the way you walk, the way you run, the shoes you wear, if you wear orthodics and if they are the right ones for you, the strength and flexibility of your feet, and the mechanics of your feet and how well they function as a team all matter in the health and ability for your feet to both perform and engage in any activity.

Take care of your feet and they will take care of your whole body.  Single leg exercises, balance and strength exercises using equipment such as kettle bells, balance board and bosu ball, strength and flexibility exercises using resistance bands, roll with a frozen water bottle or golf ball to both massage and strecth the feet, and water running are all great ways to both heal and improve the health of your feet.  Proper fitting shoes, many people are in shoes that are a 1/2 size too small, are essential to good health of your feet. Many people benefit greatly from placing orthodics in their shoes, but must make sure they are the correct ones for their feet. Love your feet every day to feel fit forever. #feelfitforever
Foot Anatomy

Garbage In, Garbage Out is an Old Saying but a Goodie

“Garbage in, garbage out” is a saying I heard for the first time many years ago, but it always stuck with me.  It’s an old saying but a very good and useful one.  It is true for every thing in your life, your training, your eating, your environment and the people in it.  But first, let’s go back a bit, to where I first heard this grand phrase. The phrase that has served me well all these many years.  The first time I heard this phrase was way back in high school, in my computer class, we used this phrase to help improve computer function.  It works like a charm every single time.

If you keep this simple phrase in the front of your mind, and make it your mindset with everything in your life, with food, with people, the rewards are great.  It is so very important to constantly monitor and re-assess who you are spending your time with, how you are letting people affect you in either a good way or a toxic way, and then change the way you react if necessary.

Sometimes in life, we need to spend time with people who may make it challenging for us to keep our peace, but we need to know that no one can ever take our peace away unless we give them permission.  Easier said than done, or everyone would be able to keep their peace all the time.  But it doesnt mean that you cannot learn to keep your peace even in the most challenging situations.  All it takes is focus, practice, and diligently following this mindset of “garbage in, garbage out” to keep your peace.

Change your perspective and change your life.  When we change our perspective, we instantly have the ability to quickly make ourselves feel good, even in the most challenging situations.

You have total control over your thoughts, no matter what anyone else is saying or doing.  Never forget this, and use it fully to your ability.

Be patient with yourself and know that change takes time, both with changing who you spend time with and how you allow those that you need to spend time with, affect you.  Know that the reward is very grand when you master this ability.

When you get really good at quickly changing your perspective, under any circumstance, you will feel it throughout your entire body, from your fingers to your toes.

It is a grand feeling of peace, power and control no matter what the circumstances.

Try it now by imagining how you would feel if you were running late for something important and you got stuck in traffic, road construction, school bus stops, and a slow driver.  You didnt get just one obstacle, you got everything thrown at you all at once, and all while you were already late for something very important.

The stress can build to a very high level, but it doesnt have to stay there long when you have the power to change your perspective.  You can combat those thoughts in your head by thinking good thoughts, such as I am sure this is a blessing , although it isnt clear to me now, and may never be, I am sure everything that is happening is for my good.  Perhaps, if I left on time, I may have been in an accident and never gotten to my appointment, atleast now I get to go to my appointment.

Food is the same way.   What we put in our bodies directly determines what happens to us.  Every single food or drink we put in our bodies determines how we feel, how we perform, how we sleep, how we eliminate the waste, how much energy we have, and what ailments we may suffer from.

Every single thing we put in our mouths is either helping us or hurting us, every single thing. Remember this always and you will see a pattern of how this proves itself true in every situation.  For instance, I have a healthy whole foods diet most of the time and it shows in all I do.  How I feel and how it is eliminated from my body is a direct result of exactly what I ingest.

Your bowel movements tell a very descriptive and very valuable story of what is going on in your body and it can be the first clue if something is amiss.  When you eat a healthy whole food diet, so long as you are not intolerant to any of the foods, your elimination should not smell too much or bad at all really.  Most people may not even realize this, I know I didnt long ago before I lost almost 100 lbs and changed the way I eat.  I find even now that I mostly eat a very clean diet, if I eat something that is not good for me, I notice it right away in both the smell of and how it is eliminated from my body.

Our bodies give us so many clues as to how they are working and what they like, need and dont like and dont need.  We need to take these clues from our bodies very seriously because when we ignore them, our bodies will eventually scream louder to us, making it much more challenging to correct the situation to feel better and heal our bodies.

Its never too late to start listening to our bodies, no matter your age.  All it takes is diligently setting your mind and keeping it set to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever success begins in our hearts and minds first

Push yourself to new limits to ‪#‎feelfitforever‬

PR at Brooklyn Half Marathon yesterday ‪#‎PearlIzumiRun‬ ‪#‎run365‬‪#‎SmoothtotheMax‬ in my new N3’s. Yesterday was a test of my strength and determination when my body didnt want to cooperate. Pain seemed to come out of nowhere. I was in so much pain, but pushed through it. I had a strong start, my body felt strong, I felt like it was going to be a quick easy race until it all changed and it made every step seemingly impossible. I believe these times in our lives are very valuable and teach us things beyond what we could ever learn without them. I am very thankful this happened because I know that even in the face of great pain, in a seemingly impossible situation, I was able to push and finish. Push yourself to new limits to ‪#‎feelfitforever‬

Lorraine Brooklyn half marathon 2015

The Quieter You Become, The More You Can Hear

The quieter you become, the more you can hear. This is true for both listening to our bodies and listening to the world and the people in it.  It is also true for listening to the small whisper of God’s voice that some call your gut feeling, but whatever you call it, you really need to listen to it, because its your body talking to you. Your body loves you and would never lie to you.  Many times, we talk ourselves out of what our bodies are trying to tell us, but its when we really start listening, then acting on what we hear, and doing it, that we receive the highest benefits.

I encourage all of you, to go through your day more mindfully in all you do.  There is a wealth of information trying to help you, but many times we just arent listening or dont even know its there for the taking.  It’s not easy to listen to our bodies, it is a process of learning how to listen, but well worth the time to learn.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  But just because everyone is not doing it, doesnt mean its not worth doing.  Believe me, its the very best gift you can give yourself, to listen to your body and do what it says.  Its also important to listen to your environment and the people in it.

They say to be a fly on the wall can be very useful, but I say you can know all you need to know without ever being that fly.  Besides, who cares what other people say about us, I am sure its non of my business and doesnt matter because I am still who I am, no matter what anyone says, and will be able to do all that I do, no matter what anyone says.

Listen with all your 5 senses, including your gut, when people talk and also in how the environment feels where you are.  For instance, when I weigh myself, I not only look to see how much I weigh but I compare it to how I look in the mirror because I know visibly what a certain weight looks like on me.  I assess the entire situation with all my senses and my gut and then determine the best course of action.  Today, I could tell that although the scale said I lost weight, 2 pounds, my eyes and my gut told me that I was likely a bit dehydrated.  Excellentand very useful information that could have easily been missed if I didnt listen to all the cues from my body.

There are so many signals being sent to you from the environment and from the people in it, all your 5 senses and your gut are necessary to receive the full benefits of every piece of available information.  God gave us 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth, we should consider why He may have done this.  I believe it is because we need to look and listen more than speak so that we can learn more, and so that what we do will be smarter and kinder.

I am sure none of you want to do the wrong thing, so this approach seems like a no-brainer to me. Yet it is still something we have to consciously and mindfully decide we want to do because it is human nature to do the opposite.  It is many times, human nature to speak hastily, esp. when upset or excited, and then later regret it perhaps.  We are all guilty of this, I know I am, but knowing this, I have made it my focus to mindfully go through my day to not let emotion dictate my actions.  No one is perfect, so I try to remember this and be kind to myself and not beat myself up if I do get upset and I also try to forgive easily and quickly when someone else is human too, because we are all human and should be kind to each other, no matter what.   I consciously focus on listening more and speaking less, and encourage all of you to try this and little by little it will become second nature and you wont have to work at it as hard.

Now back to the fly on the wall.  I believe that many times, such as in a locker room, you can learn lots of different things.  Little tidbits of health and fitness information and many times strong opinions on these topics as well as other topics are yours for the taking, but use caution.  What I have found, in general, is that many people think they are an expert in what they are saying, but they cant all be.  Some of the things I hear are quite shocking and sometimes from the mouths of people who actually hold degrees in health and nutrition.

It has always been my opinion that just because you have a degree in something, doesnt necessarily make you an expert in all things on that subject.  More importantly, just because you do not hold a degree or a certification in a subject matter, doesnt mean that you do not know what you are talking about.  For instance, one time a health professional told me I have zero diabetes risk because I am so nice and thin, yet I know for a fact that this is not true.  There are many risk factors of diabetes and being thin does not exclude you from risk of diabetes.  I do not have diabetes, but I am glad I know all the other risks and did not take that statement as truth because it certainly could have caused great harm potentially.  I am not mad or upset at the health professional who said this to me.  I know she was just giving me a compliment and I appreciate it.  But it is something I wanted to point out to all of you, that just because someone, anyone, a professional or not, says something, you really need to do your own research and make absolutely positively certain of the true facts because this is your life and the quality of it.

One of my favorite sayings that I live by, is “Question everything”.  Dont do this in disrespect, rather, do it in search of knowledge, because knowledge really is power and who doesnt want to feel powerful.  I also love when people say how lucky I am that I am so nice and thin.  I find it an interesting choice of words and know that everyone has their own perspective that they are entitled to, but that each of us only has their own limited scope of the world.  I encourage everyone to learn as much as you can and always keep an open mind.

I worked hard, very hard to be healthy, not thin. I keep my mind set, every day, on being healthy, that is how I am so lucky to be so nice and thin.  It is because I mindfully set out to change my life, not go on a diet, but make permanent lasting changes that I can live with and adhere to. I always encourage everyone to create a plan that they can live with forever because the word diet itself implies there is an end date. Many people gain the weight back lost on a diet, because when the diet ends, you are still the same person not having made any permanent life changes.  You need to dig deep and make some changes in how you think and how you live daily. Learn how to live in the real world, day after day, long after the diet ends.  We must believe we can do it, and then believe that we love our new choices more than the old bad habits, or the old bad habits will keep emerging.  Change your thoughts to change your life and #feelfitforever the quieter you become the more you can hear

Training is ageless, everyone should train to feel fit forever

Fitness is my passion and I love being able to help people feel better and achieve their health and fitness goals.  I have had the pleasure to be able to help people of all ages. I have helped people achieve different goals based on their needs and wants.  I have worked with athletes, people who want to lose weight and the elderly.  Each and every time I help someone, I get such a deep, wonderful satisfaction knowing I have helped change these people’s lives for the better.  Age is not a barrier to being able to dramatically change your health, fitness and well being.  The only barrier in life that each of us has is ourselves, and in what we believe we can do.  The next step is knowing how to do it and that is where I come in.  I am here to guide you in what needs to be done and how to do it.  But the desire to feel better and feel strong starts inside all of us, maybe as a whisper that you ignore for a while until you can no longer ignore it.  5 years ago, when I started my health and fitness journey, I often wished I had someone to help guide me.  But now I see it was a blessing to not have someone helping me, because I was destined to learn all the many different things so that I can pass it on to others and fill this need.  On my own, I was able to learn so much more than any one person could teach me.  But I put a lot of time into this because it is my passion.  I want it as much as I want to breath.  It is who I am.  I live for it, each and every second of my life.  But most people want good health and to feel good but do not share this extreme, deep passion that I have. My passion propeled me into spending every waking moment learning and growing in both my experience and knowledge of health and fitness.  I love sharing my story and all that I have learned.  It makes it all worth while, even more than it already is, which is a lot.  The elderly generation is often overlooked when believing dramatic change is possible or probable in their health and fitness. I say the golden years are the very best time to make sure you get serious about your health and fitness, if you havent already done so, so that you make sure your final years are more enjoyable.  I have had the huge pleasure of being able to work with my elderly mother, who just turned 95 years young, and I am so very proud of the huge success she has had in gaining much better health and fitness.  She is proof positive that you can dramatically improve your health and fitness at any age and even if you suffer from health issues.  Eating a whole foods diet and getting daily exercise is key, no matter how small or insignificant that daily exercise may seem at the time, it really does make a huge difference and makes it possible for you to move forward and progress to your goals.  I love my Mom so very much!  It is such a huge honor and priviledge to be able to give to her the gift of good health and fitness that brings her much happiness and love of life.  I love how she is beaming in this picture below, being able to go to the ocean on her birthday was a dream come true for her and I am so glad I was able to make that happen for her.  My Mom standing tall, proud, strong and happy with that gorgeous smile, loving and enjoying life, instead of trapped by ill health and not being able to do all the many things she loves. Life is for living and what better day to celebrate being healthy and thankful for a life worth living, than Mother’s Day.  I am so very thankful my Mom had me when she was 46 years old, it has given me the rare opportunity to know and see things that others would never have the priviledge to experience from this very unique perspective.  I am forever grateful for a wonderful life and the best Mom in the world for me.  She has always encouraged me to go out and do what I love and be the very best I can be.  What a huge priviledge to be able to give back to her in such a grand way.  My passion for fitness did not come from my Mom, in fact she never liked to exercise.  My passion comes from deep inside who I am at my very core.  My Mom moves her body every day in some way now and she loves how it makes her feel.  Starting to eat healthier, takes small steps too.  My Mom has made huge strides in this area too and now actually prefers healthier whole foods and how much tastier they are than what she used to eat.  Small do-able steps is key to lasting permanent change.  My Mom, is proof that anyone, at any age, even if they could barely move at the start, can get to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever Mom's 95th birthday at beach for feelfitforever blog