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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 23 trips to carry that many people.

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How to NOT gain weight during the holidays

“How to not gain weight during the holidays” can seem like an impossible mission, yet it is possible.  It can be easily done with just a few simple things.  Consistency, focus, and determination got you this far.  You need to keep going forward on your fitness journey.  During the holidays we all get tempted.  I believe we should not deny ourselves, but we need to have limits.  Easy go-to healthy meals are a big help to keep those limits and stick to your goals.

Easy go-to healthy meals make it much easier to stick to your goals and not gain weight.  I love my Crockpot.  It is so easy to make healthy meals not only for today, but to freeze and enjoy easy go-to meals in a jif.  I like to use individual pyrex containers to store soups, stews, chili and whatever else I make ahead of time because they heat up so quickly and keep their flavor.  Try to use the best healthy ingredients you can.  The fresher the ingredients, the better the taste will be when you reheat frozen pre-made meals.

Today I made the most delicious go-to meal and all before 7am.  It cooked up quick in the Crockpot because I used my Microplane to grate the sweet potatoes and fresh garlic and it is so quick and easy to use the Microplane.  Then I added almond milk, a can of red kidney beans and crushed red pepper to taste.  This meal will satisfy not only your taste buds but your appetite.  It has superior healing powers.  Packed with protein, fiber, nutrients, and the fire from the crushed red pepper is invaluable during the cold and flu season because it fights what ailes you and builds your immunity against getting sick in the first place.

Feed your body right to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever

New Microplane Fine White Artisan Kitchen Zester Grater Citrus Cheese Chocolate

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker

Pyrex 1110141 18pc Glass Food Storage with Multi-colored Lids

The Un-Salad Buffalo Chicken and Vegetables Sandwich


OmGoodness! My new creation is so good! And it’s so good for you!  My buffalo chicken salad sandwiches are a cinch to make with just a few wholesome ingredients.  The crockpot does all the work and in no time flat. Place 5 to 6 chicken breasts in the crockpot and cover with buffalo sauce.  Cook on high for 2 hours then it pulls apart easily.  Then place a large leaf of lettuce on a plate and add the shredded chicken and your favorite shredded vegetables such as kale, carrots and cabbage.  I also topped mine with some Bleu cheese sauce which was the perfect complement to the spicy buffalo sauce.  It was so easy, so delicious and so good for you.  The spiciness from the Buffalo sauce is very healthy for you especially during cold and flu season to get and keep you your best.  Prepare easy,  good for you meals so there’s more time to live life to the fullest and to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever

Destroy the Box

Destroy the box, dont just think outside the box.  This is true for all we do in life, but many times we do not apply it to our workout philosophy, but why not?  I always like to ask why, maybe not directly or outloud, but it is a very important question to keep in mind for every single thing that goes on in your life.  Just ask why, or why not can sometimes be an even better question.  I find it helpful to do a quick analysis on the go in my mind as I go about my daily life, including while I am exercising.  I am so used to doing this that I can’t help it, but I will tell you that it does take practice to be able to not only remember to do this, but to do this quickly.  I find it very helpful to do a longer, more in depth analysis sometimes, but generally it is this quick, on the go analysis that I have come to know as absolutely invaluable.  Change is constant, so we must constantly adjust to it in all we do.  We only have control of ourselves, no one else and not our environment, so lets capitalize on that and make it really work for us.

What does it mean to destroy the box or to even think outside the box?  It means to think very creatively and look at things with fresh new eyes in a unique way that you may have never thought of before.  Try many different things and see what works for you.

What does it mean to destroy the box in terms of working out?  It means that you need to push as hard as you can, then push some more, but do it differently and keep changing it up.  Your body is constantly adapting, therefore, you must keep challenging it with new creative ways to workout.  There are so many different kinds of exercise and ways to do them, but did you know that our daily lives can be filled with lots of added exercise too.  Such as raking leaves.  You could rake leaves at what I call a ‘ho-hum’ pace or you could do it as fast as you can and make a great workout of it.  Try to think of these things in all you do in your daily life.  Its great to park farther away in the parking lot and to take the stairs, but to ‘destroy the box, you will need to kick it up several more notches!

You can do it!  Now go out and destroy the box to feel fit forever.

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