I am thankful.

I am thankful I can do all that I do.

I am the woman of the house and also the man of the house

I am the head of the household and the bread winner

I am a caregiver and a single mother

I am a daughter and a friend

I am a student of lifetime learning, an entrepreneur, and creative

I am a runner and an athlete

I am a Christian and believe strongly that God loves me and put all my faith and trust in Him.

I am a fitness and health coach and an accountant

I am a gardener, carpenter, electrician, plumber, and all around handy man, home owner

I am a cook, a baker, a nutritionist, a meal planner, a medical researcher, and listen to my body and those of others in my care to feel fit forever

I am a financial planner, strategist, and think out of the box to solve problems kind of person

I am positive, happy go lucky, joyful and thankful

I think positive because I know thoughts become things

I go with the flow because it keeps my peace and nothing lasts forever, good or bad

I have faced numerous severe financial, medical, and life struggles and yet feel that I am the lucky one, the blessed one, because I am now stronger because of all of it.

Thank you Jesus for everything.  Be thankful for everything to feel fit forever.

How many hats do you wear?  Be thankful for all the hats you wear and embrace them.



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