It’s Not about being Better than anyone else, it’s about being better

It’s not about being better than anyone else, it’s about being better.  Better than you used to be.  Better than yesterday.  But remember, change is constant.  We are always changing.  Therefore, be kind to yourself.  Just because you could do something yesterday, doesn’t mean that you can do it today just as well, or in as perfect form.  There are so many factors that effect how we perform.  Rest, nutrition, know-how, and listening to our bodies.  Knowing what muscles should be used in an exercise, and more importantly what muscles should not be used in certain exercises.  Knowing what specific muscle imbalances we have and how to work on them, because we all have muscle imbalances, even the elites.  They are working on them, are you?  Knowing how to modify an exercise, so that we can do what our bodies need to do, but to also make sure to be in perfect form in order to get the correct muscles firing.   Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, we all have different histories, genetics, lifestyles, support systems, know-how, and beliefs.  It’s how we use all these together, with our thoughts, and in how we feel, that make the difference.  Make a difference.  Be your best and feel fit forever.



2nd Place Age Group at my 1st and only to date snowshoe race.  I had the very best time! But I did not get 2nd place because I was super fast.  I got 2nd place because I showed up to the race and not that many other women my age did.  Sure I was faster than some, but I always like to remind myself that it is never a good idea to compare yourself to anyone, except yourself.  I love that I got this award a few years ago, but I keep it in perspective and love to continue to grow and learn in my knowledge, experience, and passion for health and fitness.  Be your best self every day to feel fit forever.