Value Yourself

Self worth and how you allow others to treat you is a huge part of being healthy.  It is very important for each of us to feel valued.  Valued for the work we do, for our commitments, our friendships, our integrity and honesty, and all that we do.  We may not always be valued the exact way we would like to in every single situation, but it is important we do feel valued in our lives, or it will effect our health negatively.  Our feeling of self worth is a combination of everything about us, what we do, who we associate with, and how it makes us feel in our thoughts, minds, hearts and souls.  It is true that we need to think positive and think the best in every situation and that thoughts become things.  But we also need to listen to our gut feelings, because instinctively we all know if something is not right, but society has taught us to dismiss our gut many times and make excuses.  It is time for us to heal our guts and our minds.  The medical community actually refers to our gut, our stomachs, as our 2nd brain and no wonder because it really does play a huge role and we should listen to it talking to us.  Your body is a powerful intuitive communicator.  Listen to your body to feel fit forever.



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