Attitude is Everything

A huge part of feeling fit forever is a positive attitude in all you do.  Limit negativity in your life.   Avoid negative people and thoughts.  Change your perspective.  Your thoughts and your environment make a huge difference in how you feel, make them good.  It is up to you.  It is no one else’s fault, but your own, if you are unhappy, cranky, angry or any other negative feeling.  We have total control over our feelings, but sadly many times people do not act this way, especially if they blame others or what has happened.

I am not willing to give up my precious and priceless peace and time on negative people and situations and thoughts.  Thoughts become things.  You are who you hang out with.  You need to ask yourself always, is this worthy of my time? my health? my peace?

I am not perfect.  No one is, but I always find it sad how many people go around in their daily lives so judgmental, privileged-minded and entitled-minded AND think they are better than.  I pray that someday they be more impressed with those who fought hard to get where they are, and less impressed with themselves.  Give credit where credit is due.  Hard work, persistence, and yet had no guidance, no reference, no resource, and still overcame, no matter what, and in spite of, it is these people who have so much more and usually receive so much less credit.  But the truth is that it is these kinds of people who have already fought harder than most and overcame in spite of, that do not need praise from others because they answer to something much greater, something great within themselves, something many people who are given everything do not have.  I many times feel like it is this ‘one thing’ that the so-called privileged people do not have, a great feeling inside of them, for the right reasons, is what they seek the most and yet have no idea of how to get it, and probably never will unless they change their attitudes.

People who have struggled and continue to struggle, give yourself more credit.   Have a positive attitude always no matter what and in spite of.  This very important principle of a good life is vital to feel fit forever.  I pray for those who still have yet to fully understand this and how very good life can be.  Think first, think good, change your perspective to feel fit forever.