My Advice

My advice in any health and exercise quest is to listen to your own body, but first make sure you get cleared by a doctor and then get specific information from a professional on your personal health and fitness needs.  I personally would never do anything that was not safe, responsible, or fun in both my training and racing. Each athlete is different, but I personally do races for the fun of it.  There are as many different kinds of athletes as there are different kinds of people.  This is not a one size fits all kind of thing.  Health and fitness is very personal, not only in what we like to do, but in what we can and should do.  Plus, our bodies are always changing with the changing needs of the environment.  I may not have been as fully trained as I have been for previous marathons, but I have done previous marathons and my body remembers that.  It is called muscle memory.  In addition, I am in very good shape, averagely speaking as compared to most other people my age, because I work at it, it is important to me to be healthy and fit and to feel good.   Just because someone does a race that they say they haven’t fully trained for, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t race.  They can still be race ready and not PR ready for instance.  I make this point only because I was recently surprise when I got a comment that made me realize that not all of my audience knows these things, and that’s okay but I write from the heart and this is not a class on health and fitness.  It is only the things that I feel like writing about at the time.  Blogs are fun.  races are fun.  Life is fun.  Go out every day and learn, move your body, eat healthy and think healthy.  Surround yourself with like minded people and learn from every single person you come in contact with.

It is always an excellent reminder when I sometimes hear a point of view that comes as a surprise to me, but I love it because it is an opportunity for me to see how different people think and an opportunity for me to learn from it.  Just like Jesus said at the Cross, ‘Father they know not what they have done’, I think of this often as I go about my daily responsibilities from day to day, because it applies to so many different situations in life.  We are all on our own journeys and have our own perspectives.

I feel amazing after my marathon a couple of days ago.  It was my 5th marathon ever, and although I only raced 22.66 miles of the 26.2 miles to the finish, I made the decision to stop for a few reasons and have no regrets.  I had a great time, but the heat was very hard on everyone that day and even though I believe I definitely could have finished, I decided not to. For me, it was no big deal, I do this for fun.  Yes I was disappointed at first, but that feeling quickly left, within minutes, as I asked a policeman on the course to drive me back to my car, and as I waited for another car to get me, all the policeman had me laughing and smiling and feeling amazing that I had gone as far as I did and how good I looked, like I didn’t even race.  It’s true I do tend to ‘look good’ in spite of what is going on, which brings me to another point.  It is so very important to not judge based on looks.  Yes I looked good and felt pretty good after racing 22.66 miles in the heat, but I also have shared pictures of myself while I was still in the hospital less than 24 hours after my brain surgery and my hair didn’t even look like I slept on it, yet I never combed it or anything, but I wasn’t allowed to lay down for weeks after my brain surgery so that may have had something to do with it.

I know that people try not to judge others, but I sometimes I believe people can ‘try’ harder.  Yes, I looked great after brain surgery, and am very thankful it went so well.  But no, it was not easy, it was extremely hard and amazing that I went through everything I had to go through with my brain surgery.  Going through brain surgery is way harder than any race I would ever do as I see it, but then again this is only my limited opinion and I know I personally have only gone 37 miles as my longest to date, so take that as you like.  But remember, when any of us speak it is from our own experience because that’s all each of us has, and its valuable and it should be considered, but not made to be anything more than an opinion.

Yes, I raced the marathon a couple of days ago, yes I was not ‘perfectly’ prepared, but I was definitely prepared.  I never would do any race irresponsibly.  I trained.  I train every day for life, and other days I train for races.  I previously did 4 full marathons to the finish, 3 of them last year alone, and I have never once really trained, like I wanted to or needed to, for any of them.  But if you speak to many athletes you will find that this is very common, not training the way you wanted or needed to train for a race, and yet still being able to do the race.  There is so much that goes into training and racing and is all very personal.

My blog is for my thoughts, things I want to share that are on my mind, not a complete source of information for anyone esp. since there is so very much to learn regarding health and fitness.  I race for fun. I do not run super fast, more of a mid packer, and I am okay with that because I know immediately after a race, I have responsibilities.  As soon as I am done racing, I need to do other things that require my physical strength.  Many athletes have the luxury to be able to relax after a race or even have someone to take care of them.  I love my life and am very thankful for it, but my decisions are based on my life.  When I am racing, I consider all of these things and make decisions based on everything.  There is no one right way to race, except to be safe and healthy always, which is what I am all about.  Every single thing I do, I ask myself ‘how am I going to feel?’ because as you know I like feeling fit forever 🙂



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