I am Self Motivated

I enjoy talking to and getting to know all different kinds of people in my daily life, its very interesting to me, and as a bonus, many times it makes me realize even more about myself.  I am definitely a self motivated person. No matter what I am doing,  I do it because it feels good.  I am not referring to the things I have to do, but the things I want to do. For instance running, I run because it feels good.  I do not need a reason to keep running, if I could keep running all day, I would, but my responsibilities come first and I so I only run for as long as my time allows.  Now, that is not to say that I would be physically able to run all day long, from sun up to sun down, I have never tried, but the wanting is there, so I believe that with the proper training and the time available it could concivably happen in the future at some point.  When I am running, I am in my glory, I get in the zone, and it feels wonderful.  Sure, there are some runs that are better than other runs, that is normal for everyone, but every single run is better than not running at all.  I do not need a mental game to keep me going during my run, most of the time, like some runners, because my motivation is different and my intentions are different.  I choose all my fitness activities this way because I truly enjoy them.  I like to be in the present moment in all I do, and enjoy every little thing about what I am doing at the moment, which is sometimes easier said than done, because all of can suffer from our minds wondering from time to time, but it is well worth it to strengthen your ability to stay focused on your present, although it takes daily practice.  That doesn’t mean that everything I do is easy, no, far from it.  I seldom take the easy route, if ever.  However, it is said that nothing worth having comes easy, and I agree.  Seek challenges for greatness, in all you do, always, and you will likely be happier, I know I am.  Seek to be a self motivated person, don’t do it for someone else or something else, do it for you and because you like it, to feel fit forever.

lorraine photo for feelfitforever


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