The Reality of Weight Loss from my ‘Feel Fit Forever’ Philosophy

When I started my weight loss journey in January of 2010, it took me until June of 2011 to fully reach my weight loss goal.  It took me a year and a half to lose a little over a 100 pounds and I am glad I took my time because I decided from the start I needed to do things differently and NOT diet, I needed to change my lifestyle for permanent lasting healthy weight loss and I did.  All these years later, now in September of 2017, I am still living my ‘Feel Fit Forever’ life.  I created my ‘Feel Fit Forever’ Philosophy and designed it myself because I knew from previous experience that ‘diets’ did not work and I needed a lifestyle change instead.  I figured out this particular way to do it and called it ‘Feel Fit Forever’ because it really does make you feel fit forever and feel good.

Here are some of My ‘Feel Fit Forever’ weight loss tips:

-It takes time to lose weight, honor the process; honor your personal journey

-Remember you should be hungry sometimes, but not starving; when you wait too long to eat and get too hungry you eat too much.

-You need to eat a balanced diet, and nothing else, to make your weight loss as easy as possible, in my opinion.  These ‘diets’ that suggest eat healthy 80 percent of the time or others that suggest having one day a week as a ‘cheat day’, in my opinion, make losing weight harder than it has to be, because anytime you put anything in your mouth, either food or drink, it is either helping you or hurting you.  When you have something that is not helping you, it actually makes everything harder for you, such as you will not feel as good or have the energy that you would, you will get cravings and much more hunger from foods and drinks that are not helping you.  Lastly, you will not be re-teaching your body the new foods to love and look forward to.  I found that after a while I did not even like the taste of things I used to love.

-Don’t forget protein and fiber; we are all busy and it’s hard to get a ‘complete’ balanced diet each and every day, but if you make sure you get enough protein and fiber it will keep you full, satisfied and feeling good.  But always strive to get all the food groups and nutrients you can each day. Supplements are great too, depending on which you choose.  I love my Runner’s Beans Daily Tonic, which is a complete multi vitamin, in liquid form, that is kept refrigerated, and also has lots of other healthy ingredients that no other multi has.  It has made a huge difference in how I feel, how I recover from training and races, and how I perform.

-I decided I wasn’t a kid anymore and could not eat like one.

-I found that it is true that abs are made in the kitchen and that what we eat in private, we wear in public.

-Success begins in our hearts and minds first; think and feel your way to eating healthy, it must be your mindset.

-Celebrate small successes, not by cheating, just by being happy and proud of yourself and not beating yourself up for what you didn’t do right; focus on the good.

-Start right where you are; you don’t need a Monday or the beginning of a day to start a new lifestyle of eating and drinking healthier.  Make small lasting changes, little by little. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t eat that well for breakfast, then do better at your next meal and keep going in the right direction.  Remember change takes time, repetition and loving yourself , instead of beating yourself up ‘that you got that way in the first place’ or ‘fell off track a bit’.  Remember we are all human, and no one is perfect, we are all a work in progress. You need to love your own personal journey.  Remember, just because someone else loses weight quicker or loses more weight, yet you seem to keep trying and not getting the results you think you should be getting, just hang in there, because if you are honestly doing everything you can and should do, then be patient.  Your body needs time to get used to this new lifestyle and everything will fall into place.  #feelfitforever






My Love of DownHill Running

My love of downhill running started when I was a little girl, very little.  My earliest memories are of me wanting to run as fast as I could, no fear, down the very steep hills in our neighborhood.  My Mom would call after me saying ‘slow down Lorraine, I don’t want you to fall’.  Sometimes, I would fall, skin my knees, and get right back up, bloody knees and all, and start running again.  The feeling of ‘falling’ down a hill as I run is amazing and still is today as I approach 51 years old soon.  I love it!  It’s definitely one of the most amazing feelings.  It’s funny how we innately know what makes us happy when we are little kids, and yet sometimes as we grow older and become adults it can take time to get back to what makes us that kind of happy.  I loved running fast down hills as a little girl and even though I didn’t start running again until later in life, I am so glad I am back at it now and have been for some years now.  For me, it is a very happy place and never disappoints.  As an added bonus, I have been told recently that I run so very fast downhill, that it is hard to keep up with me and that if there was an Olympic event for it, that I would be qualified for it.  This huge compliment came from an experienced and fast ultra runner, so to me it meant even more.  For me, its the little things that are the big things.  Do what you love and be grateful for every thing, espescially the little things, because they all add up to the beautiful big thing that is your personal life journey.  #feelfitforever

My Bushwacking Adventure

I’ll never forget my bushwacking adventure!  It was totally unexpected and absoltutely thrilling! We started out on a marked trail and eagerly went on our way, never expecting we could make a wrong turn.  The trail seemed so easy to follow, but somehow we got off course of the way we needed to head back to make it back before dark.  When we realized we were off course and had taken a turn on a trail that led us further away instead of back to our car, we knew we needed to go off the trail and bushwack our way back to the car in order to make it back before darkness fell because we did not have headlamps.  We never expected anything but a leisurely hike on a nice winters day, during its limited daylight.  What we got instead was a thrilling, hear-pounding adventure that I will never forget and would actually love to relive and do again.  It was the most fun I’d ever had in a long time, and for so many reasons…the danger, the excitement, the thrills, the crazy way we had to try to figure out how to get through all the challenging obstacles that the woods and the winter had in store for us.  There were many prickery bushes, tall and wide, no other way to go but through them.  There were steep-as-walls mountains we climbed that were covered in snow and had hidden ice underfoot so that every move had to be thought-out or the inevitable fall that may never end may come. Thank God it never did.  I  almost fell once on the slick snow covered ice on the very steep part of the mountain but I quickly caught myself thank God, but after that heart pumping nearmiss, I took a minute to collect myself before going forward.  We had to cross swampy areas that were partly ice covered, and part of the ice that was not thick enough to stand on would break as we made our way across and tried not to fall in, it was almost like trying to avoid landminds in a way because we didnt know how deep the water was and didnt want to find out.  We saw numerous animal footprints in the snow and many of them seemed to be of animals we would rather not see up close, like mountain lions and bears.  All of this danger and challenges brought big, happy smiles to our faces the whole time as we struggled happily to go as fast as possible through the woods to get out of the woods and to our car before darkness fell.  We just kept laughing and smiling and going as fast as we could in the direction that seemed right.  We followed the sun getting ready to set in the sky, it was mid afternoon and we knew we had several miles to go.  It’s one thing if you do not have a headlamp on a marked trail in the dark, which is bad enough, but to not have a headlamp in the dark woods as you bushwack and have no idea of the extremely varying terrain, it would certainly seem impossible to even try to take a step in the dark under those conditions.  Thank God we made it back just in time and just as it got dark.  It started getting dark as we got close to the car and it made it harder to see in the woods of course because it always gets darker in the woods first, but we could tell we were close to the edge of the woods and close to the end of our adventure.  That night when we got home, we were still smiling ear to ear, and our bodies were so sore but we felt so ivigorated and alive that we said we couldnt wait to do that again, on purpose, someday.  Live fully alive in all you do and welcome adventure and be open to trying new things because you never know how great it could be and when you live this way you will feel fit forever.