This past weekend I had such wonderful adventures!  We bagged 3 of the 35 peaks in the Catskills and I got my 1st canister, which means there was no trail to get to the top of that mountain.  We even had to break trail in the fresh snow as we snowshoed bushwacked our way to the top of the mountain where I found my 1st canister and signed in our names on a pad that is kept inside the canister which is attached to a tree.  It was so much fun snowshoeing bushwacking our way to the top of the mountain.  It was absolutely gorgeous to see what many people do not get to see, certainly not anyone had traveled that way since the weekend before as the log’s last entry was marked.  I felt so very extra special to be able to do this and I can’t wait to do more, lots more.  It is definitely my kind of fun.  I love adventure!

We got a late start out that day and wound up going back down the mountain in the dark.  I had so much fun going down the mountain in the dark!  It was an incredibly, cool feeling to be alone on that mountain, just the two of us, in the dark.  There was approximately 8 inches of snow, more in spots due to wind drifts, and there were icy spots throughout.  I wore snowshoes that kept balling up with snow and ice and so on my way down the mountain I would sometimes walk backwards on the very steep parts, especially once it got dark.  Thank God we always bring our headlamps because you never know where your adventure will take you and its always good to be prepared.

The next day, we bagged 2 more peaks, for a total of 3 peaks this past weekend.  I cannot wait to check out all 35 peaks!  The 2nd day of our weekend adventures, we decided not to snowshoe, and opt instead for cramp-on’s, which are claw like teeth that attach to the bottom of your shoe with an rubber band that goes around the outside of your shoe.  It was my 1st time wearing actual cramp-on’s, as opposed to just ice cleats.  There are so many different brands and varieties of ice cleats, and you can even make ice cleats yourself with an old pair of sneakers and some sheet metal screws drilled into the bottom of the soles of your old sneakers.  Any of these ice cleats usually work fine in general icy conditions, especially on the road.  But we were not on the road.  I am a trail lover at heart and my heart always longs for the trails.  I feel like being in the woods is where I belong.  I feel like being in the woods feels like home to me.  But being in the woods calls for something more, something better, than your basic ice cleat.  The cramp-on’s I used were phenomenal!  I highly recommend them!  I felt like a beast!  I felt invincible.  These cramp-on’s easily handled any condition, ice, snow, uphill, downhill, it gripped everything.  It was a safe, fun, running in the woods adventure with my new favorite cramp-on’s. Although I do very much look forward to snowshoeing again, you just need the right conditions for snowshoeing. I love snowshoeing!  I love anything out in the woods in any weather.  I think we should embrace and be thankful for all the different seasons we are blessed with.

This past weekend I got a really great compliment that made me feel really amazing.  I actually got several compliments throughout, my this one compliment will stay with me for a long time to come I can tell.  It made me feel like that person really believes in me and that I can and will do so much more amazing things in the future in my fitness and adventures.  He said to me as we were enjoying our adventures together this past weekend, “She was born in her 51st year”, he said this with a big smile on his face and I could feel the intense good feelings radiate through his being the whole time we were together in our adventurous weekend.  Adventures are awesome no matter what but especially when shared with someone special.  Adventures make you feel fit forever! #feelfitforever



I am 1 of 64 people selected in the world for Run Ultra Blog of the Year

It is absolutely an amazing phenomenal fabulous feeling to be 1 of only 64 people selected in the world! But to have my name amongst amazing and famous people like Scott Jurek, is so completely totally thrilling,  it is hard to fully describe.  I have absolutely no expectations of winning 1st place.
I feel like I have already won! ❤  

But if you would like to vote for me….

Please go to http://www.runultra.co.uk to vote for me, scroll down a bit on the webpage to find the area to click on to vote
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