In Memory of my Mom ❤

My Mom, was the most wonderful person and I learned a lot from her through all her many years of life. All through my life, she taught me wonderful and valuable life lessons. They say children learn what they live, and I did, I think we all do, and I am so very thankful that my Mom and Dad lived so beautifully and showed me how.

Things my Mom would say:

Be thankful for what you do have, and don’t worry about what you do not have. Always do your best and everything will work out, it always does, even if it may not seem like that at the time. Life has disappointments, but things happen for a reason and we should try to find the good in everything. Have patience, and know that just because we may want something or think something is good for us, it may not be good for us, and that we just don’t know it yet. Many things get revealed in time, so give everything time and always do your very best in all you do, no matter what it is.

It doesn’t matter what the task at hand is, it matters your intention and your pride in doing each job with your very best effort. Treat all people the same with love, kindness and sincerity, not because they necessarily deserve it, but because it is a direct reflection of what kind of a person you are. That is what matters, that you know you were nice to each person, no matter what, even if they are not nice to you, be your nice self always, my Mom would say.

How someone treats you speaks volumes about them, and not you, remember that, my Mom would say, and don’t worry about how other people act, because it doesn’t matter, don’t let it bother you.

Character and values speak louder than anything, but character and value speak in a beautifully quiet way, as opposed to rude offensive behavior speaks unpleasantly and loudly.

Possessions mean nothing, its people that matter, and nothing else, because you could have all the wealth in the world but it cannot buy love, kindness, or health and these three things are priceless and should be thought of that way. If something or someone is effecting your health, you must find a way to distance yourself from the situation, if it cannot be corrected and or adjusted to help all involved. It is always best to think of everyone involved, but many people forget to think of themselves. Make sure to take care of yourself, or it puts you at risk of losing the only three things that should be valued, which are love, kindness and health. Put people first always, but remember that includes yourself too. Always give people a chance, and a second chance, a third chances, and as many chances as they need, until it comes to a point that it is clear that there is no other way but to protect yourself, and in doing so, it helps the entire situation including each person in it.

When you know, deep in your heart and in your mind, that you have done everything possible, then you must make a decision to keep the peace inside you, and in the situation, by doing what is best, even if that means making some hard decisions, because I cannot stress enough the only important things in life are health, love, and kindness to everyone.

My mother would always say ‘When something bad happens, don’t worry it won’t last, and when something good happens, cherish it and enjoy it to the fullest because it won’t last either’, the fact is that although this is true, sometimes good or not so good things do last forever, and that’s okay, because it just means it wasn’t meant to be, or that it was meant to be, and that’s okay too.

I believe that God knows everything, and takes care of each one of us, and that He loves each one of us the same, exactly the same. No matter what, even that person who isn’t nice to you, or who has done something horribly wrong to you, yes, that person God loves just the same. Why? You may ask, that doesn’t seem fair, it may seem odd, but that’s how wonderful and perfect God is, that he knows that none of us are perfect and that His #1 most important command is that we love one another, the same, no matter what. It doesn’t mean that we have to be best friends with this person, it doesn’t even mean that we have to spend time with this person, what it does mean that we pray for the best for this person and mean it sincerely.
Nothing lasts forever, except our memories, but only if we keep them alive, which is an active process which requires maintenance and perseverance in wanting to achieve this goal. We all think how could we ever forget wonderful memories of loved ones who have passed away, but we may eventually if we don’t actively make it a part of our lives to remember. It may take decades to forget exactly the specific wonderful memories of our lost loved ones, but slowly, in time, our very specific memories will become more general memories and we may strain to remember all the beautiful details, unless we maintain these memories by making sure we actively remember them and all the wonderful details on a regular basis.

My Mom approached life in the most wonderful way, with child-like excitement about everything and everyone, in all she did. She never lost that magic about her, that some do lose as they age. I always said she was a young person trapped in an old person’s body. She just wanted to have fun and go on adventures with me all the time. I loved that about her. I feel like now she is with me all the time, and I can feel she is with me and it is wonderful that she finally gets to do everything with me just like she always wanted to do. She loved exploring new places and hearing all about my adventures and in the pictures and videos I would show her. Now, my Mom can come along on my adventures with me. I know she is absolutely loving all of it with a great big huge smile on her face and in her heart, finally feeling like she is doing exactly what she wants to do.

I know my Mom had a very wonderful and very long life, but I do believe that it wasn’t until later in her life that she found out about her love of adventure. By the time she found out, she was too old to go on the adventures she wanted to go on, but I did find a handicap hiking trail that I took her on and she loved it. She could walk part of the way until she felt like she had to sit down and I was able to bring the wheelchair on the trail and push my Mom in the wheelchair on the trail and she absolutely loved it, she was in Heaven. Her face lit up like I’d never seen it before. Being in nature and exploring it is such a special place for many, it is for me and it was for my mother, although she found this put later in life.
My Mom, was loved by all who knew her and she made friends easily. She had a beautiful smile and made everyone feel special. She was always so excited to hear or see whatever it was you wanted to show her or tell her, no matter what it was or how mundane, to her it was all wonderful and you could see her eyes sparkle with such enormous love in her eyes and the excitement in her voice.

My Mom and Dad had a lot of love for each other and my Dad was very good to my Mom and treated her with such deep love. They were always holding hands as they watched tv every day and each morning they would dance to the music on the radio as they waited for their coffee in the percolator. My Dad said he put my Mom up a pedestal, where she belonged, and I should too, and I did.

My Mom taught me that its important to fight for the right things and stand up for yourself and what is right. One way she showed this to me was when she convinced the State of New York to allow me to go ahead to the 4th grade, even though I did not meet the required number of days actually present in school, but I did pass all my tests and knew the material well. The reason I missed so much school in the 3rd grade was because I was paralyzed and spent a long time in the hospital. After that, I was at home for a long time recovering, in which I needed to learn everything from scratch again, such as learning how to sit up, how to walk, everything. My body had become so very weak and my mind had temporarily forgotten how to do these things naturally and instinctively, instead my mind knew what to do but I had to actively think it through each movement. My mind was perfect during all of this, thank God, but it was my body that didn’t work and needed to learn everything all over again, almost as if I was an infant, except my brain knew what to do thank God, but my body was no longer knowing without intentionally thinking through every movement and not having the strength to do it since it had been so long just laying in the hospital bed. I am so very grateful for my Mom and all the many wonderful things she has done for me and all the many wonderful memories. I will cherish them all the days of my life.


RACE: Cayuga 50 mile trail race July 21st 2018

Remembering last year how I celebrated 3 years of life after brain surgery. My brain surgery was horrible because I was in excruciating pain for a long time afterwards, months, and wasn’t allowed to do lots of things for a long time, including lay down to sleep and even after a month of not being allowed to lay down, they told me how much it would hurt to lay down, and it hurt a lot!, but they said I had to force myself and get used to it again or the pain would never go away. They told me I had to go through this for everything I did. Every single thing I did, hurt, a lot, for a long time. This is proof you can do anything you set your mind to. This is proof that Jesus blesses me always. Look for your blessings, even in suffering, and especially in suffering, for it is in how we act during these times that matter most.

RACE: Cayuga 50 mile trail race July 21st 2018

Cayuga 50 was a very important and meaningful race to me. It was the 3rd anniversary of my brain surgery and I am very thankfully healed, whole, and living my life fully. It was not always that way. Brain surgery for me was extremely painful and difficult to recover from. I didn’t share as much about it as I was going through it because it helped me to stay positive and focus on the good. At the time it was horrible. I wasn’t allowed to do anything, not even sleep laying down, not allowed to open a door!, not allowed to tilt my head to pull up my pants or anything, there were many, many things I wasn’t allowed to do, but thank God Almighty I am doing all those things and more now.

I just did the the most difficult race of my life and feel amazing. I know, deep down in my soul that I could have and would have finished if I didn’t get lost. I completed 32 miles of the 50 mile race. It is a disappointment and a huge success all in one. The amazing thing is that I had zero soreness, zero stiffness, zero effects from the race. My body felt like it didn’t run at all, and it still feels that way a week later. I was not prepared for any of this. I prepared for this to hurt, my first 50 mile technical trail race. Instead, I ran it cautiously, just made the cutoffs by minutes each aid station, and subsequently got lost on my way to the next aid station. It was a marked course, but this particular part of the trail was for different miles of the race, I took the wrong one, they didn’t mark exactly what mile, only marked with a pink flag, no directions. I know it’s my responsibility to know the course, I accept that. But it still is a disappointment. I had never been there before and it was all new to me. Plus the fact that it was marked, made it seem like the way to go, but it wasn’t for that mile in the race.

This race has been the most meaningful, important race to date for me. This race marks so many important milestones for me. I have come so very far, in really a very short time. I wasn’t allowed to start doing anything after my brain surgery until several months later. But when I was allowed, it was a long, hard road back to normal, let alone above average fitness, like now. Most 50 something year old women like myself do not do the things I do, they can’t. I could not always do these things either. Even before brain surgery, most of my life, I was not able to do these things. But I worked up to them. But it was after brain surgery that was the most challenging. After brain surgery I struggled tremendously. For instance, I have a Total Gym home fitness equipment, when I was allowed to start doing things several months after my brain surgery, I was only able to do level 1, and only 3 different exercises, and I was horrible at it, I kept falling off the Total Gym machine on level 1, level 1 is flat and very close to the ground, maybe two inches approximately. I felt pathetic but I didn’t share that with anyone, I focused on the awesome news that I was once again able to do the Total Gym, I didn’t mention how very difficult, I didn’t mention I fell off, I focused on how happy I was to be able to do it, do it no matter how it was being done. I strongly believe that when you focus on thankfulness and the good in everything, that your thoughts manifest your reality in time. Now, 3 years later, I am at level 10! Huge! …to me, how very far I have been able to come. I feel so very blessed and thankful.  It has been very hard work, it has been very hard consistent work.  I need to make sure you know that these things do not happen without consistent hard effort, day after day after day, month after month, year after year.  Work it, consistently, over time, so God can do His part.  God always provides, but you must believe for it to work. Amen.  Thank you Jesus.

Be careful what you think, it matters.

I believed with all my heart that I would complete this race. I never expected the possibility of getting lost. I knew it was my responsibility to know the course. I reviewed the course thoroughly even though I’d never been there, I reviewed the course directions. I felt good during and after the race and continue to feel good, it’s something I’ve never felt before, so I know I could have pushed more, now I know this. But at the time, I went with the plan to take my time since it was my first at this terrain and distance. I completed 37 miles of a 50 mile carriage road trail race in 2016, 2 years earlier. I felt like I could have completed the whole 50 miles back then, but got violently ill after ingesting a later recalled fueling product.

This race had no issues. My fuel, hydration, the way my body felt, everything was great. Everything came together for the first time. I can’t wait to try again, and next time with more experience, confidence and less of the unknowns, although they’ll always be the unknowns in every race, it’s a great feeling to have progressed and to have come this far. I have come farther than I ever could have imagined. I know if anyone ever asked if I would ever do anything like this, I would think they were crazy, years back before I started my fitness journey in 2010 and lost 100 pounds on my own. I feel so very blessed. I am amazed. I am elated. I can’t wait for more. I have a strong feeling this is just the beginning ❤

Adventures Running on the Beach

We decided, spur of the moment on Saturday morning, to go run on the beach.  It was the very best decision!  We had a fabulous time! We made this decision based on the fact that running on trails in May presents some issues we rather avoid if possible. Running in May on the trails is great in some ways, but there are two things that rather be avoided.  One is a nuisance and the other can be deadly. Gnats come out this time of year and can be a constant nusiance by trying to get into your mouth, your ears, your eyes, and your hair. The other thing to avoid is potentially deadly.  May is tom turkey hunting season.  Hunters are allowed to hunt for tom turkeys every day in May (this in New York, other states may vary) from a half hour before dawn until noon.  However, it is very important that if you are out on trails,no matter what time, even state parks or anywhere in the woods, to be very careful.  Hunters are not suppossed to be within 500 feet of trails, but there have been more fatalities from turkey hunters accidentally shooting and killing a person instead of a turkey than any other hunting season.  They warn that you should not wear red, white, blue or black because these are all colors found in a tom turkey and you could be accidentally mistaken and killed.  We have not given up completely on running trails in May, but we sure were glad to find an alternative, esp. one so much fun!

It sure was lovely running along the shore at the ocean.  There were no bugs and no turkey hunters.  Plus we found adventures we had no idea that we would find.  We ran along shores we had never been to before. Plus it was longest beach run for me, ever, in my life, which was an amazing feeling!  It was truly spectacular in every way.  I cannot wait to run again.  We kept running all day, never knowing what lies ahead.  We had the beach to ourselves (except a fisherman or two here and there) and spotted something in the distance as we ran happily along the shore as the waves crashed into the sand.  We had no idea what it was from far away, but had fun trying to figure it out from a distance.  As we got closer we saw it moving a bit and now couldn’t wait to  to find out what it was.  Much to our surprise it was a seal.  He was so cute as he seemingly was lying there relaxing in the sand.  He would move as if to stretch happily relaxing and taking it easy as if like a person may do.  It was really cool sight to see. I am so glad I got to take a picture.  It was so very beautiful running along the ocean shore and we ran and ran until we surprisingly came to the end where there was a beautiful rock boulders formed a walkway out into the ocean several feet, perhaps 100.  The sight, the sounds, the smells of the ocean are always so wonderful to me.  They rejuvanate my soul and fill me with such a sense of well being even though I felt really good beforehand, the ocean always has that effect on me.  The ocean makes me feel like me only better.  It was the best feeling having the ocean to ourselves, for the most part, esp. earlier in the morning.  As the day went on, more people started to come but since it was still too cold for a usual beach day, not many people came to the beach.  It was, however, perfect to run on the beach, we weren’t cold at all as we ran along the beach.  We did start the day wearing light long sleeves tops over lighter no sleeve tops, but quickly took them off after about 2 miles.  We cannot wait to go back for more beach running.  It is so much fun to try to out run the waves and challenging.  Explore your world and enjoy it every way you can think of to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever

Race Report: TrapRock 50k Trail Race

21.75 trail miles done at the Traprock 50k Trail Race yesterday  😊 I feel absolutely amazing that I completed 2 of the 3 loops, my 1st loop I felt like a rock star! I felt amazing running yesterday’s 1st loop on the Traprock 50k Trail Race! I felt like a kid. It felt almost effortless,  I held back knowing I had 3 loops to complete.  My 2 week taper was really hard but worked beautifully because I felt energized and ready for the race. I opted for the early start and glad I did since it was a hot sunny day and my most challenging adventure yet in combined distance and difficult terrain. The early starters were mostly women and we headed out towards the start of the race which is a long steep uphill. I am pretty fast walking uphill and passed everyone quickly and easily,  making sure not to over exert myself, and I maintained the lead, so far ahead as time a couple miles passed, I couldn’t even see or hear them anymore. I was all alone, leading the way, the 1st runner on the course, a glorious feeling ❤

And what I always say is, 1st one on the trail gets all the spider webs, and I did😊 I was having such a blast in my 1st loop! I never expected what would happen on my 2nd loop.

Even though the 2nd loop started well, it quickly turned bad, due to my right knee all of a sudden hurting and making me walk the 2nd loop. It was horrible.  I went from smiling and thoroughly enjoying myself to forcing myself to do the 2nd loop barely being able to walk at times. I was certain that feelings come and go and that I could just ride it out with peace and patience and optimism.  I was determined to feel better and finish the race, but then it got even worse, so I decided best to be happy I just completed the hardest technical trail race and the longest distance I’d ever done, combined. I did run 37 miles trail, 2 years ago, but it was nothing like this, it was all carriage trails. No carriage trails on this course, lots of rocks, roots, single track and some mud and water logged trails, all while constantly going up and down very steep uphills and downhills. It’s a fabulous course! It’s so much fun! I definitely will be back! I am also really happy I was able to do all this considering I just started getting back in shape after my car accident when I had 2 solid months off, with no exercise at all. God is good. It’s all God. Thanks for a wonderful fun day that makes me feel strong, capable and very happy, despite not finishing the entire 31 miles, I still feel like a winner. 

The race course was beautiful and challenging and yet fun and runnable, it was everything.  It was also very well marked, perhaps better than any race course I’ve ever been on, which was great espescially since I am not from the area and had never been there, except for a couple of weeks before the race when I tried to find the way of the course according to the directions on the race website, the directions are pretty good on the website, but because there are so many different trails on the course that cross, you can easily miss a turn in the blink of an eye, which is what I did during my training run a couple of weeks before the race, so I never really ran the whole course until race day.  It is a fun mountain to run. Although only the fastest runners actually ran the steep long uphills, most everyone else walked those. The rocks and roots and constant steep uphills and downhills mixed with some very runnable trail, although rocky and rooty, that are also beautiful, with different conditions from rock slab, to many scattered pointy rocks to pine needles and some muddy and water logged trails for a great mix,  make this a course I will be be back to.  Everything about this race was great.  The volunteers, the course, the course markings, the mountain, and the runners racing were all awesome.  Such a fantastic time from start to finish.I highly recommend it.

I did race a course back on Labor Day weekend in 2016 that was a much more challenging elevation and terrain up in VT at Jay Peak, called the Jay Peak trail Challenge, but it was a shorter distance at only a 25k trail race but had 5,260 elevation gain.  Traprock 50k Trail Race is longer at 50k, but my elevation gain was much lower in comparison.  I completed 2 of the 3 loops yesterday at the TrapRock 50k, meaning I completed 21.75 of the roughly 31 miles (likely more than 31 since I never started the 3rd loop and my Garmin says I ran 21.75 miles with 2,583 elevation gain.)  Half of 2,583 is 1291.5, meaning that each loop is 1291.5 for a total elevation gain for 3 loops to complete the full 50k would be 3874.5 for twice the distance of the Jay Peak 25k Trail Race coming in at 5260 elevation gain.  Jay Peak does offer the 50k trail race the same day, which would be 2 loops of the one I did for the 25k.  Therefore, to be able to compare the two races more fully I would say that the 50K Jay Peak would have 10,520 elevation gain, compared to the TrapRock 50k having only 3,874.50 elevation gain, significantly lower.  Yet the Traprock 50k course is definietly challenging in that when you are going up and down hill it is steep and there are continuous hills throughout the course.  Yet as steep as the TrapRock 50k course hills are, the Jay Peak 50k hills are much steeper to the point that your feet are flexed to the max and you need to markedly lean forward the entire way up just not to fall backwards down an extremely and seemingly never ending, at times, mountain uphills.  I never once felt like I could possibly fall backwards on the Traprock 50k course, yet everyone I spoke with at the JayPeak ourse said that they absolutely had the same feeling, how could you not, it was mostly on black diamond ski trails, without the snow to slikde down on, in Vermont.  I absolutely loved and highly recommend both of these races.

Here is the elevation profile of Traprock 50k Trail Race

Here is the elevation profile of Jay Peak 25k Trail Challenge  (2 of these for the 50k challenge)

Me at the start of the Traprock 50k Trail Race feeling very excited and happy and blessed to be there and be able to take on this challenge



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Never Compare Yourself to Anyone 

It is so very important to never compare yourself to anyone, but we are many times naturally prone to do just the opposite.  Society sets us up for this disappointment,  but we have the power to not live this way. It is also important to be careful when we compare ourselves to ourselves. I strongly believe that comparing ourselves to ourselves is very important in self growth, accomplishments, evaluation,  analysis,  motivation, and reality checks. But we must be careful not to allow ourselves to get too caught up in not being able to do what we used to.  For me, I have not really had this issue yet because I am a fairly new athlete,  having only started my fitness journey in 2010 and losing 100 pounds, I was not a lifelong athlete like many who now battle thoughts of never being able to do what you used to.  I know not all lifelong athletes struggle with this, but some do. I believe we all need to be kind to ourselves and use self comparison as a very useful tool and motivator, instead of any potential source of misery or feeling of failure. Remember,  failure is good. Failure is necessary for growth.  It’s all how you look at it. Change your perspective to feel fit forever. I love the book, ‘The Confident Woman ‘ by Joyce Meyer. I highly recommend it,  even if you are not religious.  Every single page is chuck full of excellent tips and reminders to live your best life. #feelfitforever 

4 Days of Snowshoe Bushwacking Adventures, in a row, was a 1st for me ❤

This past week has been a wonderful surprise and challenging all in one. We snowshoed bushwacked 4 days in a row to start the week off. I never snowshoed 4 days in a row before, and it was fabulous.  But to add to it, I never wore such big snowshoes,  36 inches, and I wore them all 4 days.  Plus, we went on some of the most challenging and steepest mountains, which added to the challenge and the thrill. It was excellent cross training too, by the way. Our adventures were a surprise because as luck would have it,  we were without power for a week, but you don’t know until each day unfolds if power will be restored,  so it was an unexpected treat to stay with Kevin, who had power, and get to snowshoe every day. On the 5th day,  I ran as part of my training,  and it went well.  The next day I found out I’d sprained my wrist.  It had been throbbing since Tuesday night, on and off, so I just used the ‘wait and see’ approach.  But Thursday morning brought swelling,  more pain, and limited use, resulting in a trip to my doctor. I planned 2 nice long runs for the weekend, and had every reason to believe it would be great, but it was the worst training runs I’ve ever had in my life.  Excellent training to train through days like that, within reason. I love running. I love it and look forward to it.  But I never expected both days would be so challenging. Although, there were some other things contributing to these challenging runs. I ate frozen peas after they sat in my freezer for a week of no power, they tasted good, but apparently were not, I found out during the run.  Still, I now think part of it was that it was just the big every day challenging week I had. I am happy with all I accomplished.  I now realize this morning,  that even though I fell short of the miles I planned on running this weekend,  I still ran more total miles this week than any other week this year.  Change your perspective to feel fit forever and be kind to yourself always.  Keep your head up,  you’re doing great.  Rome was not built in a day and neither is your machine.  

Lorraine’s Best Snowshoeing Bushwacking Adventure Ever!

We had the very best time snowshoe bushwacking this past weekend!  It was unlike any other snowshoe bushwacking adventure I had ever done before.  I am fairly new to this kind of snowshoeing, it is more like mountaineering and you need to use your poles and claws of the snowshoes to help you climb up steep hills and rocks.  I love it!  It is an amazing feeling to be able to do this and exhilarating, thrilling, and can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.  Kevin has been doing this kind of thing for several decades, he knows everything about the mountains and snowshoeing and how to do it safely, he has been a huge help. Kevin kept telling me that day and since then, that it was the best snowshoeing he had EVER done in his LIFE!  Wow! It really was the most wonderful experience and truly magical in every way.  The place, the conditions, everything was absolutely perfect and we thoroughly enjoyed every drop of that glorious adventure.  Kevin brought up an excellent point when he said, ‘what is snowshoeing anyway?’  Meaning that snowshoeing is different things to different people, and it is even different each time someone snowshoes, because of the condition of the snow, the type of snowshoe used, the terrain, the weather, and the ability of the person on that particular day.  We both felt fantastic as the day started off and felt excited about our day ahead.  We believed it would be great and that we would likely have the mountain to ourselves, especially since Kevin had to shovel out the unplowed parking lot at the beginning of the trail.  That and it was also a very cold day, which keeps many people away, but we never seem to get cold probably because we keep moving and if anything get hot as we go along and always wear layers for that reason.  We did not find anyone on the mountain, except for the animals that live there, and we did not see any human tracks.  We had the mountain to ourselves and that in itself is always a wonderful feeling.  The snow was perfect.  There was a minimum of 2 feet of snow with more in certain places due to wind, elevation, and terrain.  The texture of the snow was absolutley perfect.  It felt like we were walking on air!  It was my 2nd day of wearing extra large snowshoes and they felt like they were made for me special.  I wore 36 inch by 10 inch snowshoes, a size that no other woman has ever worn as far as Kevin knows, and he says that most men do not wear such large snowshoes either.  But it is important to wear the right size snowshoes for the conditions so that you minimize sinking in the snow and have a much more enjoyable experience.  Snowshoes were meant to stay on top of the snow and sink down only a couple of inches, ideally.  We had so much fun going through the many various different wooded areas to the top of the mountain.  It is so much fun to bushwack your way through and under and around all these closely grown trees.  It is such a treat to see all this beauty that most people never get to see and even though there is a part of me that would like to take more pictures as all this beauty unfolds as I go up the mountain, mostly I am just enjoying without technology and making memories that will last a lifetime.  #feelfitforever


Training Needs to Be Specific

Training needs to be specific to the event, such as if you are training for a road race or a trail race, your training needs will be different.  In trail running we use different muscles than in road running.  We need to run trails to train for a trail race because the muscles we use on the trail, as we go over rocks, roots, and streams, cause us to use our tiny little-used muscles, such as the piriformis muscle in our hips.  These tiny muscles used in trail running will not be activated on a treadmill or road running.  If training exclusively on a treadmill for a road marathon, you can have success, but if you train exclusively on a treadmill for a trail race, you’ll likely not be able to go very far, maybe 5 miles or less, until you feel those tiny muscles, that you haven’t worked, screaming and not letting you go on.  You’re legs will get tired and you won’t be able to go on.  You can mix treadmill and trail training, for a trail race, but you have to get out on the trails to train the necessary muscles.  I know I LOVE and prefer trail running, but as we likely all lead busy lives and especially during these winter months, it may not always be possible to get out on the trails as much as we’d like.  I am confident when you know what you need to do for success, you are much more likely to do it.  When something is your passion, it is on your mind always, and you will find a way to get it done.  It doesn’t mean it has to be perfect or exactly what you had planned, but I am confident it will be better and much more productive training than if you did not have all the tools of knowledge necessary to reach your goal.  Learn as much as you can to feel fit forever.


3 Day Adventure

What an awesome 3 days of adventures! As if there could possibly be any other kind of adventures! This girl loves adventure!  I am new to hiking in the Catskills and love these absolutely beautiful mountains.  I have now completed 8 of the 35 peaks in the Catskills.  That means that there are 35 peaks that are 3500 feet or more in the Catskills, although there are many other mountains that are not as high. We have also enjoyed climbing these very much, they are all beautiful and different, yet similar in ways.  The goal is to finish all 35 peaks.  Some peaks we have bushwacked, and others have been on trail, but bushwacking is my favorite.  I started my quest to do the 35 peaks this year, 2018, and am loving these adventures.  They have been like nothing I have ever done before.  There have been every kind of mixed weather and trail conditions imagineable and even some unexpected, as can happen in the mountains.  I love it!  It adds to the adventure.  I have also enjoyed hiking bushwacking in the dark, which is a lot of fun!  It is so freeing, peaceful, yet a feeling of great adventure and magical.  I love how these mountains make me feel like a kid, loving everything about all of it.  Many of these beautiful mountains feel like magical kingdoms you would see in a movie, yet here they are in my real life adventures.  It is an amazing feeling.  I love the challenge of bushwacking up technical terrain to see beauty that not many people can not see.  It is especially evident in the winter, with snow on the ground, if there has been anyone before us, we would be able to see their tracks, yet there are no tracks many places we hike, and to me, this is perfect happiness.  Do what you love to feel fit forever.  #feelfitforever