Good nutrition is vital to a healthy, feel fit forever life.  The foods we eat make a huge difference in how we feel.  Every single thing we eat and drink is either helping us or hurting us.  Every time I eat or drink something, I like to make sure I am aware of what exactly it is doing for me (the good) or to me (the bad), so I can make an informed decision.  I strongly believe that food is medicine and that it absolutely has phenomenal healing powers, but that it also has the power to hurt us in devastating ways that we may not be aware of.  I believe the more you know, the better you can do.  Learning should be a lifetime love.  We all continually grow and change.  Change is the only constant.  Our bodies are always changing too.  Foods that you may have enjoyed your entire life, may now be causing issues for you unbeknownst to you as of yet. Many times people are not aware of how very important good nutrition is until a health problem arises.  But the good news is that you can heal your body with good nutrition and exercise.

Many times, when our bodies tell us we are hungry or crave a certain food, they are really trying to tell us that we lack nutrition.  Sometimes hunger can also be a sign of dehydration but that is for another discussion.  If we crave certain things like sweets, it can be a sign that we lack certain nutrients as shown in the chart

Nutrients not only make our day to day lives more enjoyable, because they make us feel so very good, but in the long run you will be glad you treated your body well with good nutrition.  Just because you feel good now and believe you can eat whatever you want and feel pretty good, doesn’t mean that it is not doing harm to your body because it is.  Bad food and drink choices are always going to do harm to your body no matter what, even you are not aware of it immediately, it is effecting you and will manifest itself eventually.  I am not willing to ‘roll the dice’ with my health.  I am selfish in the fact that I want to feel good.  I know that when I feel good, I not only enjoy life much more, but I can my best for everyone else in my life and that means the world to me.  The saying ‘a moment on lips, a lifetime on the hips’ is one that most people have heard, but for me its not about appearance, its about how you feel.  My saying would be ‘a moment on the lips, is not worth hurting yourself’ because every single thing we eat or drink is either helping us or hurting us.  We need to seriously ask ourselves this question every time we eat or drink something as we are getting used to this new way of living healthier.  I do believe in everything in moderation, it is good to have sweets and other treats but not on a regular basis.  We need to eat as many nutrient rich foods as we can daily to live our best lives.

There are some ways to make this transition easier. Eating and drinking healthier becomes 2nd nature of time, just like any new good habit it will take time, so be patient.  Keep at it.  Be consistent. Be kind to yourself, none of us are perfect and change takes time.  Do not have negative self talk, do not feel like the day is ruined if you had something you shouldn’t had.  Any time is the right time to start.  You do not need to start on a Monday, or in the beginning of the day, or any other special time.  The time is now, right now, when you are armed with your new nutritional health information.  Now you know better, you need to now do better.  Tell yourself, how can you now justify having dessert every night when you know it is not providing you with nutritional value.  Dessert should be a once in a while food treat, unless you make it yourself with only whole foods that are packed with nutritional value.  Many whole foods can be used in place of sugar, such as dates that not only provide nutrients but also fiber and taste great.  I think you’ll find over time that whole foods actually taste a lot better than processed, pre-packaged, enriched, and fast foods.  We are so caught up, as a society, that life is fast paced and we all need these food conveniences, but we do not.  What could possibly be ‘faster’ than biting into a juicy, delicious apple for instance.  I find that making healthy whole food many times takes a fraction of the time to make as compared to more traditional foods of the American family diet. Convenience is not so ‘convenient’ if it sacrifices good health and feeling good.

l love food and I like making it special.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  In fact, I have become very good at making healthy meals in only minutes and love to keep trying to beat my time.  That is probably the athlete in me, wanting to always beat my time 🙂 A big part of my food needs, is that it needs to look good, with beautiful color and presentation. I love to see lots of gorgeous color on my plate. Texture is very important too, I love the layers of flavors and textures.  It all is such a great experience in eating that it is something to really look forward to and enjoy, instead of just being a way to get nutrition.  It becomes an enjoyable event that you can always learn more and try to improve upon. My food needs to be good for me in both nutrition and what my my body craves. I believe you need to feed the crave in the best way possible but not live such a rigid pure life of whole foods that you never feel indulgent. Although, the more I learn about all the many different foods and how to use them in many different ways, I find that whole foods are my indulgence now! But since we do all live in the real world, we are all up against indulgences that present themselves out of our homes such as eating out at restaurants, friends homes and at work.  These temptations will always be there, but they don’t always have to be as tempting as they are now because as time goes on you learn more about all the very decadent whole foods there are available to enjoy.  The time will come that the foods you once enjoyed will no longer appeal to you in the same way.  Life needs indulgence, but not every day, that would be called gluttony.  My food needs to smell wonderful and taste fabulous. All my requirements are totally doable for anyone, although it will take time and patience.  I was not always great in the kitchen, but now I am and I love to cook and bake. I do it most every day and you can too. I also love to cook and bake in advance and either refrigerate or freeze foods so they are easy to go to when I am pressed for time I will have no excuse but to eat healthy because it’s already made in advance.  Be well my friends and live each day as a celebration of life with love of all.  Love of the people in your life, love of your food and love of your body because these are all connected. 


One thought on “Nutrition

  1. So true! The only two junk foods I still crave sometimes are potato chips after a race to replenish salts and ice-cream to satisfy my sweet tooth. But it has to be a very good ice-cream and it’s certainly not a daily or even weekly treat. I love my farm-share season when I get fresh organic vegetables on a weekly basis and make delicious fresh smoothies! It also motivates me took up new recipes and cook. I still need to learn to freeze and store away. 🙂 can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

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