Cross Training

Cross training is so very important for everyone, no matter what your fitness level, goals or age.

If you are an athlete, cross training can be your ticket to not only injury free success and new PR’s, but strength and power you could never get without it.  Cross training can help you stay safe and injury free in your daily life functions too, no matter what your age or ability.

Cross training builds strength and can help correct muscle imbalances.  We all have muscle and strength imbalances. Many of us do not even know it, or atleast the extent of it.  Muscle imbalances interfere with our level of success and our risk of injury in all we do, not only exercise, but any activity.

Cross training can build stamina and improve lactate threshold, when done with intensity.  Cross training can be done in so many different ways, that specifically address your personal needs, no matter what your age or athletic ability is.  First decide what your personal needs and goals are, so you can get the most out of cross training and greatly improve your chance of success.

One of the best parts of cross training is that it can be lots of fun.  Depending on what you decide to do but most importantly is how you think of it.  Attitude is everything.  Exercise never has to be boring or agonizing, it should be fun.  Although it is hard work to get to your goals, it is always worth it.

As with anything in life, it’s what you make of it that matters, in both your thoughts and actions.  Make everything you do fun and then you will want to do it more.  Consistency and patience is key.

Don’t settle for mediocre.  Strive for the best of everything  in life including your health and fitness.

Cross training is any exercise other than what you normally do.  It is important to mix up your exercise routine, no matter what your exercise routine is, because our bodies plateau and adjust about every 6 weeks, but this can happen even sooner depending on the person and activities.

I like to do different exercises daily, although I sometimes repeat some exercises for several weeks.  It depends on how my body is reacting to each exercise and if it is working or if I need to take it up a notch or change my focus to different muscles while other properly recover.  I work many of the muscles in my body over the course of a week, but not all of them.

Time is a constraint for all of us.  There is not enough time, realistically, in a week to work each and every muscle in our bodies and recover properly.  We need to make sure our bodies recover properly from working out to gain the full benefits of the workout.  It is best to look at a period of weeks instead of just one week to properly work each and every body part.  There are so many different muscle in our bodies, many of us don’t even realize just how many there are, but working each one of them is the key to success.  It’s a good idea to research all the many muscles in the human body, when you get a chance, so that you can better understand how to best work your body and build your strength and balance.

It is important to rethink how you move in your daily activities, in everything you do, such as how you sit, stand, reach, lift and anything that you do, always effects your body in either a good or a bad way.  Let’s make sure it is in a good way.

Most of us will try to make sure that we are using good form when we exercise, but that is not enough. We must make sure we use good form in all we do in our daily activities or suffer the consequences of aches, pains, injuries or illness that you may not even realize is from poor posture and form in your daily activities.  Aches and pains do not have to be part of getting older.  You have control over how your body feels, because you have the power to work your body, so that it works for you, not against you.

My Mom, who was 95 years old in April 2015, has found renewed strength and vigor in utilizing specific exercises that I have designed for her that build her muscles so that her daily activities are much easier and more enjoyable .  She is so excited about her new strength and can’t wait to get even stronger.  She knows it takes time and you have to be consistent and have patience to see big results.  It is important to celebrate the small victories along the way as well because they all add up to your long term success.  I love that exercise and eating healthy make her feel amazing.

Consistency is the key.  You must stick with it.  Don’t expect results quickly.  Your body benefits from exercise, greatly, even if you cannot see or feel the results as soon as you may like, exercise is working towards your long term health benefits. I promise you that if you work your body, it will work for you, and you will feel fit forever.

Cross train for better health and performance. #feelfitforever

Mom's 95th birthday at beach for feelfitforever blog


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